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May Your New Year Find You Grounded, Centered, Brave, And Authentic

2018 was a great year for us at Medicine Horse Ranch. We had much to celebrate at the closing of the year: We hosted a number of team-building programs   with Apex Leadership for Kaiser Permanente.  We also welcomed a new client, VMware, and look forward to more leadership and team development programs together in 2019.  In addition, we trained 3 new HorseDream® Licensed Partners, and 6 who completed the Train the Trainer seminar, and will be offering leadership programs with the help of horses.

Also, we are eternally grateful to our recovery community for the good work they do and, we are proud to offer our equine recovery services to Serenity Knolls, Alta Mira and Olympia House.  In 2018, Medicine Horse Ranch completed 60 recovery programs with 300 clients. We launched Networking with Horses, last August, with 15 women in attendance.  And, we introduced our horses, by way of 1-on-1 sessions to 120 private clients.  We are so grateful to be doing the work we love, and to our clients and new partners who trust us to deliver on our promises.  Most of all we say a heartfelt thank you to our cherished horse partners, without whom none of this would be possible.

The Momentum To Keep Moving Forward

I’m often asked what people say after they experience a horse assisted education session. It is the feedback we get that motivates us to keep moving forward. For example, one of my newer students called to say that she was still feeling the experience of being with horses from three weeks earlier. In her words, “the horse gave her encouragement to have authentic conversations with her mother.” She reported that the holidays were always a trying time and it often felt like a power struggle between her and her mother. She remembered how grounded and centered her body felt, how brave and authentic the horse reflected she was being in her session. She was able to remember and recall this feeling state in her body whenever she interacted with her mom over Christmas and was astonished at the harmony that seemed available for the first time in years. Under many varied circumstances, this is the kind of feedback I receive from participants on a fairly regular basis.

During the last activity of the day with our horse partner Ian, working with a global tech company in November, the team was required to find the right leading position. Would it be in front, on one side or from behind the horse? Remember, the horse is also a team member.   The goal is to move as a unified team though an obstacle course we’ve set up and reach the prescribed goal. People often choose the position they identify as one they are competent at or familiar with. But the interesting thing is, if the position they’ve chosen is not authentically their own, the horse will not come with the team.  Over the course of 20 or 30 minutes, the team may try several variations

What team members learn from this is to feel what’s working and what isn’t.  It also raises the question that when the horse is coming with the team, seamlessly and fluidly, what is the team doing?  Subsequently, when it’s not working the team must learn what is going on.  Because the activity is primarily non-verbal, we are using our other senses to accomplish the task.   New insights emerge rapidly along with out-of-the-box thinking and the courage to try something new is revealed. In addition team members experience a new willingness to be more visible, they become aware of gifts and talents that aren’t usually leveraged when problem solving is always attempted inside four walls.

May Your New Year Be Filled With Productive Insights

I pray that your New Year is filled with health, happiness and prosperity. I hope your personal and professional life expands with new insights. If you would like to explore how one of our programs can benefit you and/or your team, give us a call. Our team at Medicine Horse Ranch designs custom equine-guided experiential programs for groups, individuals, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics.