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Medicine Horse Ranch

Equine Guided Education

“The sound of thundering hoof beats across the land is instantly recognizable and unmistakable to the human ear. A wild and running horse is the heart shaped geography that awakens our ancient knowing and beckons our freedom.”

- Alyssa Aubrey

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Medicine Horse Ranch

Medicine Horse Ranch is located on a historic 1000-acre seventh generation working cattle ranch in beautiful coastal Tomales, CA. The Marshall brothers journeyed from Ireland and settled the original “Home Ranch” in 1852. Today Gary Thornton, his daughter Marissa and her husband Louis manage the ranch property.

Medicine Horse Ranch offers a wide variety of equine -guided education public programs for individuals and groups, and custom designed leadership programs for teams, business organizations, institutions and corporations.

Additionally, the ranch provides study opportunities and internships for individuals seeking professional development, including field study hours and preparatory modules for credentialing/certification as an equine interactive professional.

Medicine Horse Ranch/ Alyssa Aubrey is the HorseDream® USA License holder and facilitates HorseDream® Licensed Partner Training Programs for qualified individuals interested in becoming licensed to offer horse assisted leadership programs.

2018 Schedule of Classes and Events

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