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Horses Reconnect Leaders To Their Buried Intuitive Intelligence 


Springtime arouses heightened senses which always serves to remind me of how deeply buried human intuition seems to be on a day-to-day basis. It often takes the promise of newness to draw us humans out of our conditioned stupor. Even then, many people don’t recognize the role heightened senses or intuition could play in making their lives run more smoothly if they were only to become more in tune with it.

Horses Bring Us Home To Our Innate Intuition

The role horses play in bringing humans back to an intuitive state often seems miraculous. There’s a subtle awakening that occurs when working with the horses. An interior sense of knowing develops over the hours and or days spent with the herd. Humans get in tune with what the horse requires in order to trust and ultimately follow the human. In this way, the horses teach the humans how to be effective leaders.

Horses Rely On Their Senses To Guide Them

Since horses do not have the facility of language like humans do they are extremely sensitive to nonverbal energy as their primary source of information. This makes horses the perfect teachers of intuitive awareness. And something is working since they’ve been around for a mere 55 million years.

What horses can teach humans in how to practice personal control and clarity through the use of non-verbal skills is remarkable and has changed not only corporations but families and friendships for the better. The lessons one learns when working with horses apply to situations in every aspect of life.  With this deeper intuitive awareness comes greater agility and balance when working under pressure, courage, fortitude and strength of character. Each encounter with the horses is different and challenges humans to step outside of their individual comfort zone while experimenting with new ways to understand leadership.

Trust Must Be Earned

 Corporate and business leaders are so often focused on the goals at hand that they forget that in order to have any real influence on others, trust must be earned. By mastering the skills of intuitive intelligence, which is the wisdom to feel, then respond appropriately, leaders can then access the critical-to-success information that informs the most accurate judgment.

Only through our ability to feel information can we humans learn the difference between appropriate response and assertiveness. Great leaders inspire creativity and freedom by empowering others to embody leadership within themselves.

At Medicine Horse Ranch, we design custom horse-assisted education (HAE) programs for groups, individuals, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics. Take advantage of the heightened sensitivities brought on by the enlivening spring weather. If you, your company or team would like to explore a leadership model that has been successful for millions of years, give us a call.