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Horses Evoke Fierce Love And Respect

“A horse is such a thing of beauty; none will tire of looking at him” Xenophon

Since the beginning of recorded time, horses have danced through our art, shared our mythology, and shaped our history. Together, humans and horses have waged war, tilled soil, explored new lands, and engaged in great contests. Kings and commoners, heroes and villains, saints and sorcerers have all ridden into history on the back of the horse. Equines bring us as close as we will ever come to flying on our own.

These powerful beings are at once mysterious yet knowable, wild but manageable. Horses evoke in us a fierce love, and a unique relationship that, once discovered, never dims with age nor fades with time.

The size, presence and power of a horse is naturally intimidating to many people.  Accomplishing a task involving a horse, in spite of fear, creates confidence and provides for some wonderful metaphors when dealing with other intimidating and challenging situations in life. Participants in horse-assisted leadership programs can rebuild trust easily with a horse, something that may have seemed impossible to do with people.

At the heart of horse-assisted leadership programs are lessons that reconnect humans to our true humanity. Horses don’t see humans as non-horse. They see us as part of the herd and will gently create conditions for the best to emerge in every person so that each person can be an asset to the herd. Working with horses can help you reclaim meaning and purpose in your personal life while inspiring and cultivating cooperation, connection and excellence within professional pursuits.  Through the horse’s kinesthetic wisdom, honesty, dignity, majesty, presence and power, the best parts of our true humanity are nurtured and encouraged.  We find peace, feel connection and respect for one another, and the planet we inhabit.

This is the month of love. As we explore how we can bring more love to the foreground in our professional and personal endeavors, working with horses could be the path to a style of leaderships that is more loving and productive. At Medicine Horse Ranch, we design custom horse-assisted education (HAE) programs for groups, individuals, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics.