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Horses Can Help You Discover The Real You

You might be able to fool some of the people all the time or all of the people some of the time. But, no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t fool a horse into thinking you are sincere when you aren’t. And don’t even try to impress a horse. You will never impress a horse with the kind of car you drive, the neighborhood you live in, the amount of money you earn or where you were educated.  Horses don’t play politics and can’t be bribed or intimidated. And they can read humans’ unspoken emotions with pinpoint accuracy.


In fact, if when around a horse, someone attempts to put on a happy face when they are really sad or if they pretend they are courageous when they are scared to death, the horse knows immediately that person is being inauthentic. Horses  have an amazing ability to reflect the inner workings of the human being moment by moment and relates differently to each of us and to each new situation. A horse will wait patiently, profoundly and without judgment for a human to find inner alignment. The horse will know the moment that happens.


That’s because horses only rely on their sensate responses and intuition to feel their way through their decisions. They don’t ever second-guess those feelings.  This gives them an uncanny ability to sense what is NOT being spoken by a human.  Horses often reveal things about humans that humans are not aware of.


You can be incongruent with other human beings. You can pretend, bluff, out-and-out lie and many people will believe you. But you can’t pull those kinds of stunts with a horse. It’s impossible because horses read what is truly going on ON the inside.  Studies show that 93% of human communication is based on body language and tone of voice or mood. Horses can re-teach us how to become more aware of and responsible for how and what we are actually communicating as they mirror our beliefs, possibilities and limitations.