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Founder of Medicine Horse Ranch, Alyssa Aubrey, Writes About How Seeing Articles About Horses And Humans Working Together In Major Media Her Heart Sings.

Founder and Executive Director of Medicine Horse Ranch, Alyssa Aubrey, shares thoughts inspired by a recent article at cnn.com about executives learning leadership skills from horses. 


TOMALES, CA – October 18, 2019 – Alyssa Aubrey, Founder of Medicine Horse Ranch and co-author of the best-selling book, The Road To Success, recently posted a new blog on her website entitled, “Horses And Humans More Responsive To Freedom Than Impatience And Anger.Ms. Aubrey shares her thoughts and her joy at seeing mainstream media focus on an arena about which she is so passionate.


Aubrey writes, “When major news media turns its attention to a story about the use of horses in the training of corporate executives, what can I say? My heart sings.” She continues, “This means that more and more people are exposed to the value that horses bring to teaching humans how to become better leaders and all around better human beings.”


“In a recent cnn.com article entitled What Executives Can Learn From A Horse,” says Aubrey, “I was pleased to see a fellow horse whisperer focusing his attention on corporate executives.” https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/29/success/executives-horses/index.html She elaborates further, “And even more pleased about the continuing desire displayed by CEO’s, Presidents, and other corporate executives to become more effective, more compassionate leaders and willing to learn these skills through working with horses.”


According to Aubrey, “I believe that, as a species, we have pretty much reached the end of the trail of thought that gives credence to the belief that anger, confrontation and aggression are going to help people become more loyal or productive.” She emphasizes, “We are coming to understand that the power of love, kindness and trust along with clearly and lovingly established boundaries allow for more creativity and freedom.”


Read the entire blog at http://medicinehorseranch.org/horses-and-humans-more-responsive-to-freedom-than-impatience-and-anger/



About Alyssa Aubrey

Executive Director Alyssa Aubrey, CEGE, is the Founder and Program Director of Medicine Horse Ranch, an educational experiential learning center incorporating horses in human self-development. Alyssa is a writer, teacher, facilitator, empowerment speaker, money coach, and business consultant with over 30 years of experience as both educator and entrepreneur. She is a Certified Equine Guided Educator (CEGE) and a Certified Money Coach through the Financial Recovery Institute.


Alyssa is a seasoned facilitator with broad experiences that arise from coaching over 6500 clients in equine-guided learning processes. She is compassionate and tenacious with a genuine passion for supporting others as they embark on new directions for discovery, recovery and transformation. She considers the herd of Medicine Horse program horses to be partners, healers, teachers and guides in this powerfully transformative, often spiritually awakening experience.


Alyssa’s current focus is developing eligible candidates to become successful in the field of horse and human interaction. She has developed a nationally recognized curriculum that includes best practices and core principles for the field, providing hands-on training and development through intern and apprenticeship participation.