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Check Out the Events We Have Scheduled to Introduce You to Equine-Guided Education and the Benefits of Horse-Assisted Education and Training for You and Your Organization

We continue to update this page with new events, and classes during the year, please check back often!!

Horse Sense™ (public program)

(A 1- Day Introduction to Equine Guided Education)

Class meets on Saturday from 11 am- 2:30 pm

Choose from the following dates:

Jan 20, Mar 17, April 14, Aug 11, Sept 1, Nov 3

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Horse Sense for Women™

Like poetry itself, the relationship between women and horses is wide, deep and complex; a journey comprised of both history and myth.

This 4- month program is designed to incorporate practical, life enriching skills with magical thinking, powerful metaphors and synchronistic moments born from the horse’s natural wisdom.

One of the many advantages of working with the horse is that the feedback it gives does not come through the filter of language. Part of the healing power of this work is that it brings participants out of their heads and into intimate connection with nature to inspire, teach and enlighten. Equine activities are facilitated on the ground, relevant to real life situations, creating a powerful and unique program offering endless possibilities for self- awareness and personal development.

Horse Sense for Women™ Promises:

(the magical ingredient is the spirit of the horse)

  • Develop and Implement Practices for Self -Care
  • Learn to Stay the Course for Dreams, Visions and Goals
  • Manage Stress and Overwhelm
  • Celebrate and Cultivate Unique Abilities, Talents and Gifts
  • Develop Authentic Presence
  • Enhance Effective Communication Skills (Verbal and Non-Verbal)
  • Develop Healthy Boundaries
  • Ride the Territory of Transition
  • Harvest Creativity
  • Develop and Deepen Community (Where is your Herd?)
  • Being on Horse Time
  • Release the Inner Critic, and Other States of Constriction
  • Explore Collaborative Opportunities

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“In Hand” with Mike Bridges

Personal and professional horsemanship with focus on building respectful relationship from the ground.  Designed and taught at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  Limited to 12 students.  Bring your own horse, or work with one of ours.  Satisfies horsemanship field study requirements for the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals.

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Medicine Horse Ranch ( 3 day- immersion workshops) 

Our three day immersion studies ( based on Adventures in Awareness core principles and best practices) are designed for personal enrichment and/or professional development.
Subjects Include:
  • The Safety/ Responsibility Agreement (authored by Barbara K. Rector MA, CEIP- ED)
  • The Horse as Partner, Healer and Guide
  • Mutual Choosing / Con Su Permiso
  • Developing Authenticity and Presence
  • Reading the Intuitive Landscape
  • Energy as Primary Communication
  • Horse Assisted Coaching and Facilitation Skill Building
  • The Body of an Equine Facilitator
  • Leading and being Led ( by free will)
  • Imaginary Lead Line
  • Team Building
  • Nature as Teacher
*** Students seeking professional certification in the filed of horse/human interaction may count these workshops as relevant supervised study hours towards CBEIP certification requirements.
( In Hand with Mike Bridges, and Horse Sense 1- day programs are included in field studies towards CEIP-Ed or CEIP- MH certification)
Packaged discounts apply to students enrolled in multiple study programs.
Choose one or attend all; (packaged discounts apply to students enrolled in all five study programs)

Introduction to Adventures
Realms of Leadership
Equine Guide to 4- Agreements

HorseDream® USA Train the Trainer and Partner License Workshop
2018 Dates: ( Train the Trainer is scheduled the first two days of the HorseDream® Partner License Workshop 6- day workshop)

Classes meet from 9:30 am – 5 pm each day

  • Jan 11- 16
  • Feb 22- 27
  • July 12-17
  • Sept 27 to Oct 2
  • Nov 8-13
Designed for individuals seeking proven methodology to integrate horse assisted education into business leadership.
Complete curriculum and theory is provided for The Art of Leadership, Team Building, and Change Management concepts.  Course content includes best practices and core principles, facilitation skill development, effective marketing practices ( for executive coaching, business, organizations, corporations, and institutions), equine activities, choosing program horses, coaching private clients, collaborating on a world wide forum.
Prerequisite includes in depth knowledge and skill of horses and knowledge of target market.
Membership to the EAHAE www.eahae.org  (International Association for Horse Assisted Education) is  required to teach Horse Dream® concepts and curriculum.


Learn more about Train the Trainer-HERE
Learn more about HorseDream® License Partner Workshop-HERE


EMAIL  the office for application and/or enrollment details.