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Bridging The Gap Between What Corporate America Is And Could Be

How would corporations and businesses change if, instead of merely using people, they would uplift and inspire every individual to do their best? Instead of competing to scramble to the top, what if there was an overall environment of cooperation that would lift everyone to their highest potential? What if qualities of courage, strength, creativity and willingness to take risks were consciously and actively cultivated, rewarded and encouraged?

Those are some big questions that some trailblazers in corporate America are looking for the answers to. Currently in corporate America, however, projects are usually based on the traditional ideas of goal planning and calculation. Project work is so often influenced by emotions that trigger fear, envy, resentment, dogmatism or carelessness. Communication fails because of misunderstandings: because a connection is not established sensibly, because information is exchanged before the right connection/combination has been found.

The gap between the current environment and that of a more positive future is begging to be closed.

Bring Out The Thousand Pound Mirror

This is not Snow White’s mirror. Not one that tells you how beautiful you are. This is the mirror of a sensitive 1000-pound horse. In centuries past, long before our modern, mechanized, digitized, sophisticated world became the norm, managers were trained primarily with the help of horses. Working with horses encourages all the noble qualities such as courage, strength and creativity as well as a sense of responsibility and reliability.

Working with a 1000-pound horse that acts as a mirror to one’s inner environment also teaches humility, patience and determination.

Horse Assisted Education provide a learning environment in which teams can grow together in a short time. The horses act as emotional bridges between people, in intercultural workshops even as bridges between cultures and religions. An atmosphere of cooperation, creativity, flexibility, self-confidence and purposefulness is created; and this creates mutual understanding, alignment, goodwill and common visions that continue long after they leave the ranch.

The gap between the old and the new way of conducting business in corporate America is closing. Your company could be on the leading edge of this imminent change. If you would like to explore the benefits of Horse Assisted Education for your company, give us a call. Our team at Medicine Horse Ranch designs custom equine-guided experiential programs for specific groups, individuals, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics.