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Thoughts As Winter Deepens

winter silence at the medicine horse ranch - equine guided team building

The holiday season is behind us. Perhaps you are deliciously tired after celebrating with family and friends whom you may see only sporadically throughout the year. If so, I hope the start of the New Year allows you quiet, peaceful time to recover as you savor the warmth of time spent with loved ones.

Whatever the New Year brings, I pray that it be filled with health, peace, happiness and love. During the first few days after the busy holidays I had a few leisurely hours to contemplate and I offer the following thoughts during this time of quiet and introspection.

Winter ushers in the season of lessening light and a last look at autumn’s bounty. For the next six months, the nights will be longer than the days. The year, the season, the sun, is slowing down, growing cold, getting older. It is the time of dying in preparation for the time of rebirth- and the keen awareness of the delicate balance between the worlds.

The ranch, buzzing with activity last month, has grown quieter.  Birds are migrating to warmer climates, Insects starting to nest.  Burrowing animals hunker down; horses grow their protective winter coat.  The trees have shed their once-green mantles, shrugging off leaves aglow with the fiery patina. Now we begin to gather and store our inner light, stir our creative juices that will carry us while the outer light dims and fades.

I send you blessings for your two and four legged relations, for the turning of the seasons.


With great gratitude for the miracle of life,