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Women Who Run With Horses And Humans

Earlier this month I was interviewed  by podcaster and horsewoman extraordinaire, Hillary Schneider on her series entitled Women Who Run With Horses, in which we discussed the importance of horses to the collective consciousness of human beings. It is my opinion that today, women in particular are much more aligned with or attuned to the universal horse energy and wisdom. It wasn’t always that way. Men spent more time with horses in the early days of our country’s development than women did. However, today, women are the channels for this horse wisdom.

I believe it is because finally, in record numbers women are finding their purpose and redefining themselves exactly at the time that wild horses’ lives are in jeopardy.

The horse represents an honesty that we humans seem to have lately been disregarding as irrelevant. We are surrounded by so much dishonesty that we can no longer even distinguish the real from the fake. It is this condition that inspires me to say that we women can no longer dismiss or run from our intuitive information that signals and calls for change. We must lead the way to change and run with horses to find a novel way to bring us as a species back into alignment with truth.

Unlike horses, humans can think one thing and do another. In other words, humans can lie. Horses cannot. I see the human/horse connection as a signal that it is time to return to the truth underlying all creation. I am devoted to aiding in this return to the intuitive and the authentic. It is time to strengthen, not lessen, the horse human bond which has existed for more than 50 million years.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast click here http://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/6769699/tdest_id/748083

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