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Trust The Horse Not To Lie And To Guide You To Truthful Behavior

horses and personal development

In case you haven’t heard, body language and non-verbal communication speaks louder than words. Television shows have been based upon it (Lie To Me). Ted Talks have been presented on it (Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are by Amy Cuddy). And horses are now confirming it through a multitude of Equine Guided Education (EGE) programs.

Why horses, you might ask. For the simple reason that horses live, communicate, express themselves, and relate to the world through their bodies.  They do not have the cognitive structure to judge their bodies, feelings, or instincts.  A horse does not wonder if they are too fat, or the wrong color, or if their tale isn’t full enough.  They do not second guess or detach from a feeling of fear when they sense aggression in another being.  Horses are in touch with their instinct and intuition and react accordingly in the moment.  Horses listen to the feedback that they receive through their body and communicate freely with their body as an authentic response.

Humans Think and Can Behave Incongruently With Their Thoughts

Even though humans think they are primarily communicating with their thoughts and words this is not accurate. We process vast amounts of information on the subconscious level. In fact science has reported that the subconscious mind processes 40,000 bits of information per second versus the 40 bits the conscious mind processes in the same amount of time. Our body responds to the messages stored in the subconscious mind in ways we can hardly fathom. And one thing you can be sure of – the body does not lie.

Your mental attitude and emotions affect your body on a physiological level and determine your posture and the movement of your body.  This is a well-known fact.  This is how lie detector tests work – by reading the subtle physiological changes when you are incongruent between what you know and what you say.  Most people have no control over this.  We can also read it when talking to someone who says one thing but thinks something else.  It is awkward to talk to someone who gives you a compliment when you can tell that they don’t actually believe what they’re saying.  We can sense the incongruence because their body gives off signals that we have learned to subconsciously read.

Horses sense these types of incongruities. When around horses, authentic expression is the number one safety rule. Horses have the ability to mirror exactly what the human body language is telling them, which quickens self-awareness leading to powerful insight and change.

Horses Can Guide You To Truthful Behavior

The size and power of a horse is naturally intimating to many people. Accomplishing a task with a horse in spite of fear bolsters confidence and self-esteem. Horses provide wonderful metaphors for leadership, transformation, recovery and other varied life situations.

The word ‘Guide’, defining the horse’s role in the learning process, has a specific meaning and most appropriately describes the horse’s amazing gift. As we see it, the horse does more than facilitate or assist the learning process, the horse literally “guide’s” the process in that the EGE professional follows and listens to the horse’s input as of paramount importance. The word, “Guide” was carefully chosen because it means, “one who can find a path through unknown or unexplored territory.” This describes the profound and magical aspect of horses in the learning process. This process can work wonders for those in leadership roles leading to greater respect and compassion for the communication process.