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Thoughts Inspired By The Transition From Winter To Spring

The transition between winter and spring is typically more volatile than between other seasons. One day the weather can be deliciously warm and fragrant and the next day everything can be snow-covered. This season ignites the heart and soul with its new growth. The fresh green life is always a welcome sight as it emerges from the dark earth that so lovingly continues to give its richness.

The horses sense the new liveliness in the air too. Their continuous connection with the very Spirit of life can be seen in the way they care for each member of the herd. For horses, care is their superpower. It can be a superpower for us humans too when we learn the quality of care that is so natural to the horses. Instead of thinking of power as the one who exerts the most control over a person or group, if one were to consider becoming the one who genuinely cares the most, a new sense of power could emerge. A power based on trust.

Genuine caring is felt among the members of the herd as well as among humans. When a human pretends to care in order to manipulate others, that incongruity is felt. While the one attempting to manipulate may momentarily feel powerful, it is not real power.

When a human is out of harmony in the presence of horses, the horses do not trust that human. The horses become restive and ultimately anxious when we humans are out of integrity between what we are thinking, feeling and how we are acting. Being in the presence of horses is one of the most visible ways to see if your heart and your head are in harmony. It is a powerful illustration that is as enlivening as the transition from winter to spring.

At Medicine Horse Ranch, we design custom horse-assisted education (HAE) programs for groups, individuals, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics. If you, your company or team would like to explore a leadership model that has been successful for millions of years, give us a call. Spring is a wonderful time for true leaders to emerge.