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The Time Has Arrived To Bring Your HorseDream® Vision To Life

HorseDream team building with horses

Join us for HorseDream® Train the Trainer workshop January 11th -12th 

Medicine Horse Ranch is hosting a HorseDream® Train the Trainer, workshop facilitated by Alyssa Aubrey, the HorseDream® USA license holder.

If you’ve ever had the slightest inkling you would love to help others in the corporate world become more heart-centered leaders through Horse Assisted Education, this two-day training will be a life-changing opportunity.

Founder, Gerhard Krebs very clearly establishes the meaning behind the HorseDream® name.

He explains that it represents two distinct facets of leadership, management and personal development. He describes it this way, “The Horse is a very present being, very real, living always in the here and now. That makes people, working with horses in Horse Assisted Seminars, learn about 100 % presence, responsibility, self- confidence, awareness, and all that is necessary to develop authentic leadership skills.” He goes on to add, “But the Horse, with its historical and mystical background, is also a dream. It opens horizons, changes belief systems and empowers people to step out of the box.”

Imagine more empowered leaders who are 100% present, 100% responsible for their actions, 100% self-confident and aware. Imagine being part of the process that furthers this vision within the corporate world.

In the words of Gerhard, “HorseDream® means exactly what is needed in modern business life: reality and vision.”

The HorseDream® USA Train the Trainer Seminar

You can enroll for one or two days of the qualifying Train the Trainer (TTT) seminar during which you will have access to a multitude of trainings including, but not limited to the following.

You will experience five categories of hands-on exercises:

– Watching

– Leading

– Distance and nearness

– Goal orientation

– Teamwork

You will also learn about three fundamental categories of transfer models:

– Leading positions

– Team atmosphere and company’s culture

– Personal development.

Upon completion of the seminar you will be approved to offer “The Art of Leadership” and “Teambuilding” programs to your clientele. The curriculum is designed for business organizations, but can be modified to work with recovery, youth at risk or other relevant populations.

Participants in the HorseDream® Train the Trainer programs will be allowed to use the concepts and adapt them to their own circumstances such as the number of horses, participants and type of facility. The world needs a new model for leadership.

Bringing the wisdom of horses to further educate corporations, organizations and personal growth is a step in the right direction. Heart centered leadership, authentic communication and behavior is what the world is hungry for today. Give your dream the gift of life. Register today for the HorseDream® Train the Trainer Education workshop with Alyssa Aubrey, CEGE held at Medicine Horse Ranch on January 11th and 12th 2018.


To register or for more information about this and other Equine Guide Education programs, please contact the office. Custom equine-guided experiential programs can be designed for specific groups, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics.