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Horse Sense for Women


Valakines Painting by Emil Doepler 1905

Horse Sense for Women

I’m continually fascinated by the number of phone calls and emails I receive from women who start out by saying, I really dont know exactly why I am contacting you, but somehow horses keep showing up in my life. I feel them calling to me.

Often I discover, they mean the horses in their dreams, or the horses in a field they pass by on their way to work each morning. Books fall out of the bookshelf at the library with a horse on the front cover and their heart skips a beat. I have come to know this as the mysterious call of the horse.

On occasion someone has a real four-legged horse in her life and wants to feel more connected in the relationship. Always quick to point out that she doesn’t mean just while riding. But, rather the deep reach into the heart and soul of the horse, learning to connect and interpret the vast energetic, kinesthetic territory of “horse -speak.”

There is no wonder women feel connected to horses, in Norse mythology, Valkyrie, refers to a host of female winged figures on horseback flying above battles. These Valakines decide which soldiers will go to heaven – Valhalla.

There are numerous depictions of Valakyies in paintings, sculpture and in literature. As with most myths they stir our deep soul desires pulling us into the realm of spirit. And think of the iconic images of Joan of Arc, where would she be without her horse? Women and horses have had a connection since time immortal.

On the first day of an Equine Guided Education program. I’ll hear women say, “I felt drawn to the horses and I don’t know why.” There’s that myth speaking again! I understand all too well this intuitive reaching out, these longings and musings. It is no accident these women find and often come to study with me.