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The Magic Circle

Just after the Thanksgiving holiday, I received a phone call from a young woman who interned with me last summer.  Brittany was on a break from college for a few weeks and wanted to bring a friend out to the ranch for a visit.   We made a plan to meet the next morning.

As I arrived, the girls were already out in the field taking pictures. Brittany’s friend rushed to me and breathlessly exclaimed, ” I just snapped a photo of all your cows standing in a circle out in the field! Brittany told me this was a magical place, but how do you get your cows to do that?”  She didn’t realize the hay truck had just delivered breakfast and the cows were munching away, albeit in perfect formation!

It’s no secret to anyone that we are experiencing dramatic surges in our world today, from weather to politics.  There’s a great deal of anxiety and worry threaded through daily lives, pondering what to do.  But in the brief moment of this young woman’s fresh perspective, my heart felt light and I delighted in her experience. For a split second, my troubled mind stepped away from the ordinariness of cows eating on the brown hillside and I returned with fuller pockets.

So often our aliveness is borne from touching down on a reframe of perspective. There is an irrepressible joy that comes from staying connected to wonder, from the directness of what we are experiencing.  We are neither right nor wrong in what we see and feel, simply alive and affirmed.

Nature thrives on endless possibilities, impossible odds and never-ending shifts in the landscape.  If we are willing, she offers her wisdom through the open spaces calling each of us beyond what is knowable or even believable.  When we listen to that flicker of spirit, we often find light (and laughter) even in the darkest corridor.

Finding North

I love the winter months.  I’ve been awed by the season’s breathtaking beauty for as long as I can remember.  The frost each morning glistens and sparkles like a wizard’s cloak covering mother earth as she rests. Every single fence post, water trough, tree branch and twig is lightly dusted with the white magic.  A spiderweb covered in frost looks like a delicate lacy shawl blowing to-and-fro on the old grandfather tree.  The rich, fragrant perfume of pine and white sage mixes and mingles in the air. The view from any perspective feels and looks crisp and fresh. It’s so peaceful and beckons a long stay to let the spirit drink it all in.

For many of us winter is a time of reflection, a review over the past year and a look towards what is to be.  Looking North, I am reminded of the circle of life’s cycle and seasons of change.  How great a teacher is Mother Nature.  Her wisdom teachings are so often forgotten amidst our busy and technologically driven modern lives.

Yesterday evening, just before sundown the sky opened up and began dropping rain.  The beating sound drummed louder and louder on the tin roof of the old horse barn, each droplet a miracle of creation.  Rivers of free running water gushed and gurgled down the rusty gutters before splashing to the ground.  How did becoming an adult translate into staying inside on an exciting, blustery day such as this one?  Why would anyone choose to miss all this beauty and wonder, opting for a movie, or an ipad instead of galoshes?

I found myself standing outside the barn facing North, looking up at the grey sky. I stuck my tongue out to taste the rain, taking in the gift of this rainy winter’s day and enjoying it on Mother Nature’s terms.

I send blessings for your two and four legged relations and celebration for the return of the Sun.

As this year comes to a close and a new one begins, I also wish you the magic of new perspectives in the circle of life.