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The Birthplace Of Creativity, Innovation And Change

Research Professor, Brené Brown has given a few Ted Talks which I find fascinating and relevant to my work as a Horse Assisted Education Trainer. One of her talks is about vulnerability and another is about shame. Both are qualities no one in corporate America looks for as positive attributes when considering employees – especially not qualities they want in anyone in a management role.

Corporations are typically looking for creativity, innovation and change. However, according to Brown’s talk about shame, she says, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change.” She goes on to explain that shame is what stops us from allowing ourselves to be seen as vulnerable. In addition she tells her audience that the one thing most humans hunger for is connectivity. We all want to experience a sense of real belonging which requires authenticity. Once again, she adds, “vulnerability is the key to authenticity.” https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_listening_to_shame/transcript?language=en

Ms. Brown tells us that we need to start “talking” about our shame. But, the question is how do we safely identify it in the workplace? How do we find a safe place to explore these hidden emotions? How do we bring them out in order to begin a discussion?

Horse Assisted Education Safely Highlights Vulnerabilities

Horse Assisted Education (HAE) is a growing method of team and management training in corporations around the country. And it makes sense when you consider how management training has been done historically. Typically management training takes place behind 4 walls. But, no one within those walls are courageous enough to show signs of vulnerability or authenticity.

When stepping into the corral with a herd of horses, most people experience a variety of sensations that they may be afraid to express. However, the horses immediately sense the emotions. They sense incongruities between what is said and what is felt.  Horses possess qualities and instinctive behaviors that distill what is essential in the shortest possible time.  In our complex present, learning environments horses offer clarity.

Training with horses combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience and allows true feelings to be brought forward to be looked at, understood and brought into alignment with what is best for the team (herd). Training with horses is a safe place to feel what authentic leadership is.

Resistance Is Futile

In a safe environment, creativity flows more effortlessly. Innovation is often a direct outcome of unrestricted creativity. And, as a result positive change takes place. Resistance to new ways of managing teams and businesses will ultimately result in the sure death or deep stagnation of those who dig their heels in.  In order to bring something new to the corporate environment, someone has to be willing to be vulnerable initially and initiate an out of the box experience.

If you would like to explore the benefits of Horse Assisted Education for your company, give us a call. Our team at Medicine Horse Ranch designs custom equine-guided experiential programs for specific groups, individuals, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics.