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Step Outside Your Daily Routine

I have been working together with horses and humans for many years. And one of the most poignant things I’ve noticed is that creativity is amplified with horses when we humans are experiencing ourselves outside our business norms. What I mean is that we suddenly discover a deeper creativity when we work with horses. Working with horses is way outside of everyday business norms. And horses are innately intuitive and creative when working with humans.

One woman took a training with us and upon her return to her workplace she wrote to tell us that while she was gone her whole team changed! Of course, I know it wasn’t the team that changed, rather it was the way she was perceiving her team after her experience with the horses.

Stepping outside of your daily routine to work with horses results in some pretty magical changes. Some of the outcomes participants have learned and continue to enjoy on an ongoing basis as a result of our programs include:

  • Trust in Advance
  • Liking people
  • Expecting the positive
  • You can only see what you can see
  • Leading is learning
  • There is always more than one way
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Leading means serving your people (In the animal kingdom, the leader in any species would sacrifice him/herself for the others- it seems the opposite in only the human species)
  • Emphasizing commonalities- rather than our differences
  • Be Responsible/Accountable and Response- able

As you reflect on your teams’ performances during the holiday season, perhaps you’ll find a way to step out of the daily routine with your team or on your own in the near future. Perhaps as a way to discover new ways to address issues in the upcoming New Year you would consider scheduling an Equine Assisted Learning program. You may discover you are not actually leading. You will learn that in the animal kingdom leaders will lay down their lives sacrificing for the others. In the corporate world, this is not the norm. But seeing how this one behavior changes the way your team interacts could be life-changing.


Give us a call to explore what we have to offer. Our team at Medicine Horse Ranch designs custom equine-guided experiential programs for groups, individuals, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics.