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Some Humans Are Horse Whisperers, But All Horses Are Human Whisperers.

Most people have heard of horse whisperers. These are people who seem to have a natural gift for handling horses that no one else can. There are TV shows and hit movies that have brought this term to the foreground and into our lives and language.

A horse whisperer has an innate ability to communicate with horses on their level. Horses are calm and trusting in the presence of these people. The important thing to know here is that horses respond to a human’s energy vibrating through their true emotions. Horses simply do not cooperate with people whose feelings and behaviors are out of alignment.

Human Whisperers Guide Individuals To Awareness

Through Equine Guided Education (EGE) activities horses guide human beings to see when their behavior is out of alignment with their emotions. Many people are not aware of how the inconsistency between their feelings and their behaviors affect those around them. Most people think they can act one way while feeling quite opposite and get away with it. What they don’t realize is that everyone senses the differences but are either too polite or frightened to mention it, or too wrapped up in their own inconsistencies to recognize it.

Horses do not think nor do they judge, they simply react to the energy that is present. They are very pure in their behavior around humans, which makes them perfect “human whisperers”. In the presence of a person who is terrified inside but is acting with bravado, a horse will back away. I have seen a horse literally drop down to the ground and take a nap in the presence of a person who was so exhausted but was doing their best not to show it.

Discover Ineffective Behavioral Patterns

Equine Guided activities with horses present metaphors and mirrors for real life experiences offering the fertile ground to step into new practices that support awareness, change and personal growth. The horse as silent witness reflects our ineffective habits/ patterns while offering opportunities to reframe limited perspectives. Partnering with a horse is the reflection of our highest quest for integrity, self- trust, renewed confidence, authentic presence, leadership and self-care.

Your Company Can Benefit From A Human Whisperer

Equine Guided Education can be invaluable as part of a company or corporation’s leadership and team training processes. The sudden awareness that comes from recognizing the effect one has when true feelings are misaligned with behavior can be life changing for many people. Subtle changes in awareness can help good managers become great managers and good leaders into great leaders. That’s because the way each individual approaches the equine-guided activities carries back to the workplace in the new awareness of productive behaviors. Ultimately that reflects throughout the company and on the bottom line.