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Setting Boundaries Makes Good Horse Sense

Boundaries exist to establish safety and trust. When clear and consistent boundaries are in place those with whom we engage feel safe enough to engage in interaction that is mutually beneficial. Without clear boundaries we can experience enmeshment with others which eventually will cause us to abruptly break the bonds with have with the other for fear of suffocating.

The energy work we do with horses reinforce our own boundaries and energy fields. Setting a boundary says that I respect myself and I will protect myself from inappropriate behavior. I will not allow emotional, physical, spiritual or intellectual abuse or manipulation to define or control my personal space, values and reality.

When my boundaries are clear, consistent and congruent those who approach me will energetically feel my space before they even enter into my field or engage in an interaction. This takes place with grounding techniques and feedback from others as to how we are perceived.

By understanding my personal space and respecting yours, we can develop a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. Keep in mind that the purpose of setting a boundary is to take care of yourself and that we are the only ones who allow others to come in contact with us in anyway.

When you have a 1000-pound horse coming at you and you haven’t established clear boundaries, you learn very quickly how important they are. At Medicine Horse Ranch, we design custom horse-assisted education (HAE) programs for groups, individuals, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics. If you, your company or team would like to explore a leadership model that includes how to set boundaries, a model that has been successful for millions of years, give us a call.