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Equine-Guided Private Programs

Private Coaching

equine-guided private coaching for the individual testimonial image

Alyssa’s ability to make meaningful connections enhances all aspects of the EGE sessions. She is able to make connections between the horse’s feedback and the individual’s verbal and nonverbal responses, between past sessions and current revelations while bridging the practical and the spiritual worlds. Alyssa’s talents seem to be honed from years of experience and from the practice of deep listening and staying always in touch with the intuitive, sensate world that is often out of reach for the rest of us. Thank you!

— Anne-Marie Flynn (Davis, CA)

Private Coaching Sessions

Equine-guided private coaching is often the entry portal for someone unfamiliar with equine-guided education. One to one sessions may also provide support to integrate and/or further refine experiences from previous equine-guided workshops.

Sessions are typically 70-90 minutes long and facilitated by an Equine Guided Educator and one or more horses. Individuals (couples, or families) may wish to explore personal and/or professional goals through relevant activities with the horses and the EGE coach. Private coaching sessions are scheduled by appointment and available year -round, weekday or weekend.


chicken-betty at the equine-guided education centerOur Keys for Equine Guided Learning:

  • Set clear intentions (connected to what moves us towards meaning and purpose)
  • Release old stories that block creativity, growth and contribution
  • Integrate life affirming practices and perspectives
  • Reclaim self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Practice setting boundaries
  • Practice staying present
  • Cultivate self-compassion and authenticity
  • Improve communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Develop tolerance for discomfort and uncertainty
  • Encourage joy and gratitude in daily life
  • Deepen trust and respect for self and others

$195.00 per session.

Pre-Purchased Private Coaching Discounts

  • 3 Sessions – $ 550.00
  • 5 Sessions – $ 925.00
  • 8 Sessions- $ 1495.00