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Live The Dream – Become A Licensed Equine Assisted Educator

Very often, after someone has participated in an Equine Facilitated Learning workshop, they become interested in learning more. It happens with individuals whether they are working on their own or as part of a group or corporate training program. Business leaders, corporate managers teachers, life coaches, therapists and others in the healing arts are frequently inspired to seek further training.

Equine Facilitated Learning, while not exactly mainstream, is gaining greater awareness and with greater awareness there always comes an increased demand for facilitator training programs. Medicine Horse Ranch/Alyssa Aubrey is the Horse Dream® USA license and training facility. Our programs provide preparatory field study training programs for incorporating horses into human self-development for personal and professional growth. We offer Horse Dream Licensed Partner Training Programs for those interested in offering equine leadership programs to businesses, organizations and corporations.

Medicine Horse Ranch programs are comprised of personal and professional development workshops that include studies in best practices/ safety training, facilitation skill development, “In Hand” horsemanship training, and “Horse Sense” business coaching and development.

The goal of our field studies is to prepare eligible candidates for the CBEIP (The Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals) credentialing process. We do this by guiding our students through every phase of training so that you develop the confidence and skills needed to create a safe and effective learning environment to serve clients and succeed.

Our programs emphasize learning over time, developing competency through practice and process, group training, assessments, internships and supervised practice clients. These are the essential lessons in the nuts and bolts of setting up, promoting and sustaining a business as an ethically responsible, competent equine experiential educator/coach or therapist.

If you’re inspired to pursue the dream of becoming an Equine Assisted Learning facilitator, please contact us and let us see how we can best assist in making your dream a reality.