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Let The Horse Be Your Guide

equine-guided leadership development

We all know the song Jiminy Cricket sang to Pinnocchio instructing him to “let your conscience be your guide.” This is a perfect example of timelessly instructive advice. Pinnocchio didn’t realize that he was not acting out of authenticity, but his body did and his nose grew each time he said something that was untrue.

Even as adults we have blind spots when it comes to the authenticity of our behavior. We may think we are acting truthfully, when in fact our thoughts and actions do not align. Most people we are interacting with can see and sense the incongruity.

While humans may act as if they don’t see the incongruities between words and actions, (after all it could be your manager, boss or owner of the company that is incongruent and you probably want to keep your job), the beauty of horses is that they will not ignore the lie. They will reflect the inconsistencies immediately exposing your true feelings. This is why Equine Guided Education (EGE) is so helpful for corporate trainings.

Horses are intuitive beings and can show us in an instant when we are fooling ourselves and when we are on the right track. As herd animals, they are tuned in to the slightest inconsistencies in their environment. They mirror back to us humans any inconsistent behaviors we may not have been aware of–behaviors that stop us from moving forward in life or from moving deeper into our own authentic spirit.

We all try to let our conscience be our guide, however, there are times when we disconnect and we don’t even know it. If there are people in your organization who could benefit from Equine Guided Education training, let your conscience be your guide and schedule an experience near you as soon as possible. The training could make a world of difference in your business and the lives of those fortunate enough to participate in the training.