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Learning About Leadership From An Unlikely Four-legged Friend

learning about leadership from horses

How Horses Can Help When Learning About Leadership

If you want to become a better corporate leader, I would venture to say that your first thought rarely turns to horses for guidance. In fact, the idea would never occur to them unless it came from a leader whom you admire. The very idea seems incongruous and counter-intuitive.

However, as it happens, more and more open-minded corporate leaders are learning that horses are turning out to be their most effective teachers and are turning to the wisdom of horses to teach them and their teams to lead differently.

A small business or large corporate team can be likened to a herd of horses. The team members and employees follow the lead of their boss. If the leader is not aware of how his or her behavior affects others, it could lead to disaster. That is why learning to improve leadership – even just learning about leadership – when necessary, is critical.

Here’s one thing horses show humans how to lead better as expressed in Equus Digest:

“In the leadership dynamics of a herd of horses, it is the one whose ‘feet move the least’, who conserves the most energy, who are the leaders. If you watch a herd of horses, look for the one who is moving their feet the least, who is the quietest. That is the leader.”

“As a leader, do your feet move the least? Do you conserve energy? Those who conserve energy by not expending a lot of time worrying, second-guessing and judging, have a mind that can access wisdom better. Those who can ‘move the least’ and delegate well, can turn their attention to the tasks they were meant to do.”


If you would like to further explore how horses can help create more effective teams and leaders, our team at Medicine Horse Ranch designs custom equine-guided experiential programs for specific groups, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics.