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Horse-Guided Education Internships

Medicine Horse Ranch Field Studies Internship Program

“I believe that the CEIP-ED certification (Certified Equine Interaction Professional-Education) sets the national standard for those working in the field of horse-assisted education. The requirement of 1000 hours of experience and study leads you to hone and add to your skills in preparation for the certification exam. I was able to study with many esteemed teachers, with each lending their own expertise and guidance. This formed the base of a holistic method and solid foundation, and allowed me to find my own style of facilitation and approach to this work.

The workshops I attended at Medicine Horse Ranch, with Alyssa Aubrey and also Barbara Rector, were instrumental in my preparation for certification. I was introduced to background, methodology and exercises that spanned the areas of teaching, horse handling and group process. The group experience allowed the trial of different roles as leader, follower, commenter, facilitator – which was empowering and served as safe practice. Immediate feedback, journaling and contemplation helped the learning and ideas to really stick. My experiences at Medicine Horse Ranch planted a seed that continues to grow, and has led to the manifestation of new concepts and ways of thinking.”

~ Tiffany MacNeil, CEIP-ED (True Nature Horse Programs)

Medicine Horse Ranch offers preparatory field study training programs for incorporating horses into human self-development ( for personal growth and professional offers.)

Our field study programs are designed to prepare eligible candidates to sit for the CBEIP, (CEIP-ED (educator) or CEIP-MH (mental health) certification exam, which sets the national standard for those working in the field of equine experiential education.

Medicine Horse Ranch programs are comprised of personal and professional development workshops that include studies in best practices/ safety training, facilitation skill development, “In Hand” horsemanship training, and “Horse Sense” business coaching and development. The dates for training modules are listed below. PDF’s detailing each course curriculum is available on our Schedule page.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone wishing to know oneself and others through the wisdom of the horse.
  • Individuals interested in personal/professional growth and development.
  • Individuals needing field study hours for credentialing. Those wishing to learn how to incorporate horses into their current professions or future careers.
  • Horse specialists interested in expanding their opportunities within the equine industry.
  • College students adding equine experiential education training in preparation for career study, which includes horses.

What is the CBEIP?

(An except from the CBEIP website) The Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals promotes the concept of voluntary certification by examination for those who incorporate equines into their mental health or education practice. Certification is just one part of a process called “credentialing” and focuses specifically on the individual and is one indication of current competence in the specialized field. Certification of equine facilitated mental health and education professionals provides formal recognition of basic knowledge in this field.

For more information, visit www.cbeip.org

How Does the Medicine Horse Certificate Program Work?

The goal of the Medicine Horse Ranch field studies is to prepare eligible candidates for the CBEIP credentialing process. We do this by guiding our students through every phase of training so that you develop the confidence and skills needed to create a safe and effective learning environment to serve clients and succeed. Our programs emphasize learning over time, developing competency through practice and process, group training, assessments, internships and supervised practice clients. These are the essential lessons in the nuts and bolts of setting up, promoting and sustaining a business as an ethically responsible, competent equine experiential educator/coach or therapist.

MHR Internship Programs
(for candidates registered with the CBEIP and collecting field study requirements towards exam eligibility)

Medicine Horse Ranch Internship Requirements: (requires interview)

  • Complete (3) Adventures in Awareness™ based modules (76 hours). This includes; Introduction to Adventure in Awareness™ (Best practices/ safety training/ core principles), The Equine Perspective, The Realms of Leadership and/or The Equine Guide to the 4 Agreements
  • Commit to 1 year (3 modules) of “In Hand” (19.5 hours) of horsemanship training with Mike Bridges.
  • Ability to participate in at least one weekly MHR program, hours count towards CBEIP field study requirements.
  • Complete weekly written intern evaluations including strengths and areas for improvement, which will be reviewed by MHR senior staff.

Medicine Horse Ranch Internship Program: Special Features (optional)


  • “Horse Sense” business development, webinar and tele-coaching (Additional fees apply).
  • Documentation to assess your goals, objectives and outcomes.
  • Seminars & yearly conference with internationally recognized teachers/trainers in the Horse/Healing/Human field (Additional fee).
  • A fifth generation 1000-acre ranch to offer reflection, inspiration and creativity.

More About MHR Field Studies and Internship Programs

Equine Guided/Best Practices Safety Training

The 70+ hour experiential (learning by doing) training program is offered annually in four separate weekend training modules. Alyssa Aubrey and MHR senior staff facilitate the weekend programs. You are not required to take these classes sequentially; each weekend is designed as “stand alone” program. A student may enter at anytime through any of the seminars to pique interest and explore relevant topics in depth. Universal principles are taught and best practice standards for safety are reintroduced and reinforced each time these workshops are presented.

Over time you will develop proficiency in the skills, processes, methods and compassionate approach needed to become successful.

You will learn the nuances of working with different types of horses and clients, hone your coaching skills and participate in-group supervision so you will have the real-life experience of working with clients under the guidance of our faculty and the support of your peers.

Our program incorporates human facilitation concepts working with ENERGY, reading the field, group dynamics, reading body language, grounding feedback and assessments through the honest reflection of the horse’s kinesthetic wisdom. The significance of witnessing, developing authentic presence, working with reactivity, judgment and other states of constriction are key while staying connected to the goals and ambitions of the client during the equine activities and facilitation process.

Equine Skill Building

One of the eligibility requirements to sit for the CBEIP exam is 450 hours of horse- related experiences. These training hours must be logged, supervised, and related to the field of study. This can be challenging for candidates to fulfill without regular access to horses, and/ or qualified teachers. Mike Bridges teaches “in hand” clinics at Medicine Horse Ranch three times yearly, which over time can satisfy a large portion of the CEIP required hours for horse handling. 2017 clinic dates are: April 4-6, August 8-10 and Sept 12-14 from 9- 3:30 each day. Mike has structured these classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. All levels of learning are welcome! If you do not own a horse, you are welcome to lease one of ours for the training.

Mike Bridges is an internationally known clinician and bridle horseman in the California Vaquero Style with more than sixty years of making his living on the back of a horse. To learn more about Mike Bridges, visit his website www.mikebridges.net.

“Horse Sense” Business Development Training ( post CBEIP certification)

You will work one-on-one with your assigned mentor for fifteen sessions, using your own business vision and goals for self-discovery and as a way to embody the certification process in detail. This one-to-one process allows you to develop your offers and begin to professionally experience success. This work is confidential between you and your mentor. Your mentor will also guide and support you as you begin to set up your own equine -guided business/practice from set-up and marketing to goal setting and your vision for the future.

Medicine Horse Ranch 2018 Internship Program Dates:

Certificate_picDescriptions/PDF’s of each workshop are listed on the Schedule section of the website.

“Horse Sense” (1 day introduction) ~ September 1st

“In Hand” horsemanship with Mike Bridges ~ August 7th – 9th

The Realms of Leadership ~ October 12th -14th

Intro to the 4 Agreements ~ October 20th

Meals and lodging are not included in the tuition. There are numerous choices for lodging and places that serve both breakfast and lunch nearby.

Each study module is designed for participant’s individual self- development and learning, along with standardized curriculum pertaining to competency and preparation for CBEIP exam. These weekend modules repeat each year and can be taken at any time (and in any sequence).

An application process is required for intern program acceptance, which includes completion of a student questionnaire. For an application, more information and/ or to schedule a personal phone call, please email: office@medicinehorseranch.org