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How A Little Horseplay Improves The Workplace

team-building and building teams with horses

Work satisfaction statistics let companies know whether or not their employees are satisfied and meaningfully engaged in their work. Unfortunately human resources personnel are on their own when it comes to finding the kind of trainings that will produce effective results that aid in employee retention.

Employee training is a necessity that ultimately affects the bottom-line. After all, companies with employees who are engaged in their work earn 2.5 times the revenue than competitors with low engagement levels. (http://www.dailyinfographic.com/10-shocking-statistics-about-employee-engagement-infographic)

Fact is, 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work. Another important statistic states that problems with direct supervisors account for 49% of disengaged employees. (http://www.dailyinfographic.com/10-shocking-statistics-about-employee-engagement-infographic) What this tells me is that those in leadership positions and their teams could benefit greatly from a little horseplay.

Equine Guided Education (EGE) provides leaders with insights that allow them to strengthen communication, manage emotions and develop trust and respect among their team members in addition to many other skills. In addition EGE team building initiatives are very powerful for staff development, employee retention and overall wellness.

To develop resilient, effective teams each member needs to understand themselves and their impact and place in the team as well as noticing what is happening in the environment. Horses have been doing this for more than 60 million years. When teams work with the horses each individual’s default (invisible) patterns that get in the way of efficient operation show up and come into consciousness. The team members are then able to adjust and experiment with new strategies until they become effective.

Discover how a little horseplay can make your workplace more effective and help you team members become more engaged. Custom equine-guided experiential programs can be designed for specific groups, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics. Please contact the office to schedule a personal consultation.