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Horses And Humans More Responsive To Freedom Than Impatience And Anger

When major news media turns its attention to a story about the use of horses in the training of corporate executives, what can I say? My heart sings.  This means that more and more people are exposed to the value that horses bring to teaching humans how to become better leaders and all around better human beings.


In a recent cnn.com article entitled What Executives Can Learn From A Horse, I was pleased to see a fellow horse whisperer focusing his attention on corporate executives. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/29/success/executives-horses/index.html And even more pleased about the continuing desire displayed by CEO’s, Presidents, and other corporate executives to become more effective, more compassionate leaders and willing to learn these skills through working with horses.


I believe that, as a species, we have pretty much reached the end of the trail of thought that gives credence to the belief that anger, confrontation and aggression are going to help people become more loyal or productive. We are coming to understand that the power of love, kindness and trust along with clearly and lovingly established boundaries allow for more creativity and freedom.


The article points out a truth that is quickly seen when working with horses. Neither horses nor humans respond well to impatient, nervous or angry energy from a “boss.” Without freedom, some horses and some humans will eventually acquiesce, though what you’ll have are slaves that do what they do because they have to. You will not build any sense of loyalty. Eventually leaders as well as employees will look for greener pastures, where a new style of leadership is replacing the old.


If you’re looking for greener pastures in which to improve your leadership skills, give us a call. Medicine Horse Ranch offers a range of training opportunities for groups, individuals, businesses and organizations. We also custom design experiential programs around any number of relevant issues and/or topics.