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Horse-Guided Group Programs

Horse-Guided Group Programs for Adults and Adolescents

“The frankness and honesty of the horses healing presence holds the net to catch our shared wisdom and claim the precious insights that cover the casings of our unique gifts, talents and destiny.”

Alyssa Aubrey, CEGE

Joining and participating in an equine-guided learning program is an excellent way to learn, grow, stay motivated and create community. Participants come from all walks and way stations of life, and may be seeking both personal and professional development.

A growing number of mental health professionals, medical doctors and educators point to the emotional, mental and physical benefits that are derived from spending time with horses and horse-assisted learning.

These benefits of equine-guided learning and education include mindfulness that comes from being present, clear communication (verbal and non-verbal), improved self-confidence and self-esteem, playfulness and feelings of peace, improved teamwork, healthier relationships, greater self-responsibility, accountability, social skills, healthier self -image and improved work ethic.

During challenging and complex times life can often feel like a 1000 lb. animal. Equine Guided activities with horses present metaphors and mirrors for real life experiences offering the fertile ground to step into new practices that support awareness, change and personal growth. The horse as silent witness reflects our ineffective habits/ patterns while generously offering opportunities to reframe limited perspectives. Partnering with a horse is the reflection of our highest quest for integrity, self- trust, renewed confidence, authentic presence, leadership and self-care.

Our herd of master equine guides together with experienced, skilled and certified human facilitators provides a safe and supportive learning environment. No previous horse experience is required.

Public group programs are scheduled from February – November.  Private (or 1 to 1 sessions) can be accommodated year round.

Generally, our group classes are kept small (6-8 participants) to insure individual attention and support.

Custom equine-guided experiential programs can be designed for specific groups, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics. Please contact the office to schedule a personal consultation.