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From Dream To Reality: Expanding The Reach Of Horse Assisted Education


They came from far-flung reaches of the globe. Australia, Austria, Germany and the United States were represented in the recent back-to-back EAHAE conference and training events held in Tomales, California and Medicine Horse Ranch just a few miles away. It is always so inspiring to see the many people from around the world who are actively participating in bringing Horse Dream® to life.


Horse Dream is a means of bringing vision and a new understanding of reality to modern business life, through Horse Assisted Education. Through conferences and teacher trainings, we and our partners further the dream to establish Horse Assisted Education as a mainstream method of continued leadership development in companies and organizations as well as for individual personal growth.


From Love To Light

Learning to advance one’s horse assisted education business is the purpose of our International conferences and trainings. Every participating member can develop her/his horse assisted education business by learning how to hold and adhere to our established values. Above all is trust. This is a collaborative not a competitive business and that is what we bring to those involved in the day-to-day affairs of modern business life. Throughout the trainings, as in life, we encourage caring and collaboration over competitiveness. It is the core of the EAHAE values that we collaborate on an equal level. And, importantly, regarding our horses, we consider them as trainers, not as tools.


Bar Camps And A Constellation Activity

Throughout the 9 days, we incorporated bar camps (a non-alcoholic activity borrowed from the tech world not your favorite watering hole!) which are open, participatory events the content of which is provided by the participants instead of the hosts. This is a time where participants have a chance to talk about their work in their respective countries and fields. Bar Camp sessions provide a dedicated space where ideas can be bounced off several people and newborn ideas often get turned into proposals.


A Constellation To Symbolize One Herd One Earth

As the trainings progressed from one day to the next, the group was inspired to collectively build energy in the field of vision for ‘One Herd One Earth’.  One participant put out a jump stand and poles symbolizing humanity coming together and offering the best of themselves. When we let the horses in for their feedback this is where all the horses went and lingered for most of the session.


The follow-up we received from participants tells us that the HorseDream® is expanding exponentially. It is a field of love and mutual respect and cooperation. One participant summarized her experience by sending the following Mark Nepo poem from his book Drinking From The River of Light. I couldn’t have expressed it any more perfectly.


There are those who water

The seed of light that no one sees.

They are the visionaries.


And those who hold others, feeling

The power of what they can become.

They are the teachers.


And those who care enough

To love the truth of what is

Until Heaven is revealed

Here on earth.

They are sages.


Few are celebrities.

Few are rich.

The best

Are often silent,

Deflecting attention,

Bowing to the gift


This is for them

And their lineage

And the hope

That we can do this

For each other.