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Founder of Medicine Horse Ranch, Alyssa Aubrey, Explains That Horses Cannot Lie

Founder and Executive Director of Medicine Horse Ranch, Alyssa Aubrey, discusses non-verbal communication and explains that is what makes horses wonderful guides for humans and why humans can say one thing while their body says another.

TOMALES, CA – April 07, 2017 – Alyssa Aubrey, Founder of Medicine Horse Ranch and co-author of the best-selling book, The Road To Success, recently posted a new blog on her website entitled, Trust The Horse Not To Lie And To Guide You To Truthful Behavior.” Ms. Aubrey focuses her attention on non-verbal communication.

Aubrey writes, “In case you haven’t heard, body language and non-verbal communication speaks louder than words.” She continues adding, “Television shows have been based upon it (Lie To Me). Ted Talks have been presented on it (Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are by Amy Cuddy). And horses are now confirming it through a multitude of Equine Guided Education (EGE) programs.”

Aubrey anticipates responses, saying, “Why horses, you might ask.” She elaborates, “For the simple reason that horses live, communicate, express themselves, and relate to the world through their bodies.” Horses, according to Aubrey, “do not have the cognitive structure to judge their bodies, feelings, or instincts.  A horse does not wonder or worry if they are too fat, or the wrong color, or if their tail isn’t full enough.  They do not second guess or detach from a feeling of fear when they sense aggression in another being.”

“Horses are in touch with their instinct and intuition,” writes Aubrey, “and react accordingly in the moment.  Horses listen to the feedback that they receive through their body and communicate freely with their body as an authentic response.”

Aubrey suggests that, “Even though humans think they are primarily communicating with their thoughts and words this is not always accurate.” She continues, “We process vast amounts of information on the subconscious level. In fact science has reported that the subconscious mind processes 40,000 bits of information per second versus the 40 bits the conscious mind processes in the same amount of time. Our body responds to the messages stored in the subconscious mind in ways we can hardly fathom. And one thing you can be sure of – the body does not lie. “

Read the entire blog at http://medicinehorseranch.org/trust-the-horse-not-to-lie-and-to-guide-you-to-truthful-behavior/

About Alyssa Aubrey

Executive Director Alyssa Aubrey, CEGE, is the Founder and Program Director of Medicine Horse Ranch, an educational experiential learning center incorporating horses in human self-development. Alyssa is a writer, teacher, facilitator, empowerment speaker, money coach, and business consultant with over 30 years of experience as both educator and entrepreneur. She is a Certified Equine Guided Educator (CEGE) and a Certified Money Coach through the Financial Recovery Institute.

Alyssa is a seasoned facilitator with broad experiences that arise from coaching over 6500 clients in equine-guided learning processes. She is compassionate and tenacious with a genuine passion for supporting others as they embark on new directions for discovery, recovery and transformation. She considers the herd of Medicine Horse program horses to be partners, healers, teachers and guides in this powerfully transformative, often spiritually awakening experience.

Alyssa’s current focus is developing eligible candidates to become successful in the field of horse and human interaction. She has developed a nationally recognized curriculum that includes best practices and core principles for the field, providing hands-on training and development through intern and apprenticeship participation.