Spirit of the Horse – Retirement Home for Horses

Many horse owners are faced with the difficult decision of where to find a good facility for their retired horse. Whether your horse is retired due to old age, lameness, or special medical needs, it is important to find the right facility. We provide affordable, safe and happy retirement options with all the comfort and dignity a retired horse needs and deserves. The ranch offers access to grazing, water, shade and shelter for all horses without crowding. Our emphasis is on restoring the natural spirit of your horse.

Benefits of pasture include:

  • Low stress
  • Restoration of ‘herd spirit’
  • Harmony with nature and other horses
  • Freedom to roam and graze
  • Lots of exercise
  • Socialization with other horses

Your horse deserves to be allowed to live out its remaining years in the company of other horses in an environment that has been the ancestral home for horses for hundreds of years.


When it was time for Nomad to retire, many of his friends offered ideas and suggestions for appropriate locations. Medicine Horse Ranch in Tomales, California was our unanimous choice. The facility offered a favorable coastal climate, a return to the social structure of a herd, and a daily caring eye on his wellbeing and comfort. He immediately fit into his new lifestyle and found new companions and purpose there. I am so glad we had those final years.

— Dee Mullen

Rates and Fees

Board: (paddock/pasture) $375.00 per mo. No more than 25 horses at a time. (Sorry no stallions) Limited stalls and paddock available for layups at no extra charge. Straw bedding cleaned daily.

Feeding: 2-3 times a day as we determine (our pasture grass is in late March to early/mid June).  Feed is high quality alfalfa, (Horse Hay) and high quality Orchard Grass hay and/or Oat Hay. Access to water in clean trough, salt licks.

Deworming: $20.00 every 2 months. Worming is required and part of the contract.

Vet: Dr. Jim Williams (billing is separate) Mandatory Vaccinations: The following vaccinations are required on a yearly basis: Rabies, Tetanus toxoid, Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis, Western Equine Encephalomyelitis. Semi-Annual vaccines required are: Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, and West Nile Virus. Geldings will have sheath cleaned at least once a year. Emergency calls as needed and at our discretion. Fees will be billed.

Dentistry: performed on an as needed basis. As horses age the amount of reserve crown of the teeth becomes less and less. When all the reserve crown of a tooth is used up the term to describe the tooth is “expired.” When in older horses teeth are “expired” it means that the root is very short and these teeth may become loose in the socket, develop infection of the dental ligament and need to be extracted so that the horse may comfortably eat.

Farrier: Trimming and shoeing on an as-needed  1/2 (front) shoes are $125.00, trims are $85.00. No back shoes are allowed in herd horses.

Optional Services

Blanketing services: $45.00 per month, owner supplies blanket. Service provider will bill repairs and cleaning. This is coastal weather. Temperatures may drop to 40 degrees and the wind and rain may be a factor to blanket horses. There is barn shelter/stalls for horses to get out of the weather.

Fly Spray: $20.00 per month applied every other day ( required in the summer months during fly season.) Please supply a fly mask for your horse.

Grooming: $10.00 per grooming includes brushing hoof, care mane and tail maintenance.Baths determined by conditions and need.


Transportation and Visits

Trailer Expenses: Billed by service provider/owners.

Trailering in and out for other than medical purpose is discouraged.

Law for horses transported across state lines requires proof of negative Coggins.

You are welcome to visit your horse anytime Saturday-Sunday from 10AM-5:00PM. Other visitation arrangement is by individual need and written permission only.

This is a retirement facility for your horse, not a boarding facility. As such, horses are not to be ridden on the ranch property.