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Equine Guided Education Reconnects Us With Our Lost Horse Sense

Equine-Guided Education and How It Helps Us Reconnect with Ourselves

Most people in modern society don’t think about the fact that less than a hundred years ago horses were an integral part of human life.

At that time horses provided labor and transportation. You had a horse or multiple horses on the ranch or the farm. Carts and carriages were pulled by horses. And in town, horses were tied up along the street. We had horse sense embodied in us culturally from being around horses all the time. It was completely natural for humans to be around horses.

When the car made its first appearance, the very sight and sound was jarring to the senses, while horses made us feel calm. Since that time, we humans have been continuously losing our deep connection with nature. We’re around machinery most of the time. From the droning noise of computers, the metal of cars, to the ever present electrical and mechanical sounds, we’ve become desensitized to the natural world.

Today horses are still relied upon by a considerably smaller segment of society.

They play a dominant role on ranches and for recreational purposes. And the good news is that because being around horses has been proven to reduce stress, horses are now emerging as teacher, guide, partner and mentor.

The Role of Equine Guided Education

In nature, feeling and sensing is the norm, which is making use of what is considered the sixth sense or intuition. Not thinking.

We humans have become so accustomed to trying to figure things out and solve things with our brains that we rarely make use of intuition in our day-to-day routines. Horses on the other hand only use their senses to inform them. They sense when humans’ thoughts and behaviors are inconsistent. They sense when the weather is going to change long before it does. They sense danger.

We humans like to ‘know’ things. However, very often the biggest paradigm shifts come from feeling your way through a problem/challenge be it personal or professional vs. knowing your way.  It takes practice and commitment to let go of the mind and your belief that the mind knows everything.

Equine Guided Education (EGE) helps us humans become aware of how much importance we have placed on the brain and taken away from the senses. In truth, the body holds all the memories the mind does. In fact, neuro-science confirms this by letting us know that we actually have three brains: the mind, the heart and the gut. We are receiving and transmitting information from these portals all the time.

In truth, if we are in danger, it is the body that responds first, and the mind comes on line secondarily. The mind then makes a story about it after the fact.

From The Neck Up

We humans typically use only 10% of our decision-making ability since we only exercise the brain or that ability that comes from above the neck. Horses live in the other 90%. Horses are masters at reading body language, mood, tone and the energy behind our words. They sense where the life and the energy want to be directed. In other words, they sense our true intention and guide us to that. Discovering our true intention is the beginning of living authentically. It brings out our true nature and allows us to begin to use all of our senses again. The result is nothing short of magical whether you are the head of a corporation, a team, a congregation, a classroom or a family.

If you would like to explore how EGE can help you professionally or personally, our team at Medicine Horse Ranch designs custom equine-guided experiential programs for individuals as well as groups, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics.