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Despite The Appearance Of Separation We Are One Herd One Earth

You simply never know when the truth of our oneness is going to be shown to any individual or group. We humans are addicted to the illusion of separation because we cannot see the invisible energy field that connects everything making all of creation one. Horses and other animals live in this energy field of oneness.

The Healing Energy Of Oneness

I was recently witness to an event that illustrated our oneness thus helping to close the gap of the illusion of separation among a group that had gathered for The EAHAE (International Association of Horse Assisted Education) conference that was recently held in Kazakhstan. I am always humbled and grateful for these experiences which happen frequently in my work with horses and humans.

During the participant introductions, each person is asked to recite the safety agreement in which each individual takes responsibility for contributing to the safety of the group. In our work with horses everyone in this group is aware of how sensitive horses are to incongruent energy. What most humans don’t realize is that we, too, are highly sensitive to incongruent energy and by agreeing to be responsible for thoughts, feelings and behaviors, the group participants are establishing congruence through honesty and integrity. If someone is incongruent, the entire group will feel it.

In our circle there happened to be a woman from Russia sitting next to a woman from the Ukraine. Unbeknownst to the group, the Ukrainian woman’s family had hidden her passport a few days before the conference terrified that if she entered Russia, she would be harmed.  Now she is seated next to the Russian woman, and her energy of fear is filling the space.

Each person was asked to recite the safety agreement in their own language.  After the two women shared in their native tongue, both began to cry.  The Russian woman exclaimed, she had forgotten how beautiful the Ukrainian language sounded.  Everyone in the circle was crying as the previous tense energy was discharged and replaced with the love of oneness. Truly, there wasn’t a dry eye in the circle as the energy was healed in an instant.

Congruent Energy Is Healing Energy

The miracle of healing can occur at any time. In this instance there were people drawn together from the far corners of the globe to learn more about the amazing lessons we can learn from horses. I love how horses teach us their lessons even when they are not present. We can learn from them as we continue to learn more about them.

Inspired by the healing that took place in a far-away land with the help of horses

I will be hosting the next EAHAE (International Association of Horse Assisted Education) conference in October of this year. The conference title is One Herd, One Earth. For more information about the conference or to discuss a custom designed horse-assisted education program for your group, give us a call. At Medicine Horse Ranch we help individuals and teams explore a natural leadership model that has been successful for millions of years.