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Cultivating Safety In Self, Family, Company and The World

In my decades long work with horses and humans I have discovered that the most prominent emotion in our society is fear. Fear is an ancient feeling that is steeped into our species and culture. This ancient fear resides just below the surface and is ready to emerge full throttle at the very first hint of a perceived threat whether real or not.

Fear, real fear motivated humans to run for their lives when pursued by dinosaurs, tigers and other predators. That sensation of fear that is responsible for flight or fight has served humankind well.

As humans evolved, fear became used as a strategy to motivate people to do things. It seemed natural to think that if one were frightened enough they would accomplish great things. We have finally come to a point, though, where it is quite obvious that fear no longer works as a motivator.

Fear is running rampant throughout our country right now. It simply cannot stay buried underneath the surface anymore. It is on display for all to see and what we see is that fear only creates more fear. It is time to face the fact and actively, consciously cultivate the opposite of fear, which is love. Love can only rise to the surface in an atmosphere of safety.

Working with horses either individually or as a group is a wonderful way to discover the pockets of fear that remain hidden in your life. It is a way to create and cultivate safety within yourself, your family and your team. As Kelly Wendorf, a woman whom I admire, has so eloquently said, “When you create safety as a leader, you bring those around you to wisdom and collaboration, and you become the kind of 21st century leader this world could use.”

Custom equine-guided experiential programs can be designed for specific groups, businesses and organizations around any number of relevant issues and/or topics. Please contact the office to schedule a personal consultation. Create safety in your world and watch it spread.