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Horse-Assisted Team-Building

Wonder how horse-assisted team-building can help you build stronger, more impactful and efficient, teams?

To develop resilient, effective teams the members need to understand themselves and their impact/place in the team as well as noticing what is happening in the environment.

This is the world of horse. They have achieved this for more than 60 million years. That’s one reason why horse-assisted team-building activities and learning can achieve such big differences in the function of your team or teams.

When teams work with the horses the default (invisible) patterns that get in the way of efficient operation show up and come into conciousness.The team members are then able to adjust and experiment with new strategies until they become effective.

This experience then becomes the bedrock for new highly effective team relationships.

Our clients tell us they experience a wide range of benefits working with us and our horse-assisted team-building programs.

The reoccurring themes are:

  • Ability to clearly defined goals and challenges.
  • Improved authentic (verbal and non-verbal) communication
  • Deeper trust and respect of self and other team members
  • Effective cooperation during uncertainty
  • Understand the importance of clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Paying attention to environment, team and self to access impact on task

Our teambuilding modules can be custom designed and tailored to fit your specific business challenge and core development requirements.

We have the ability to offer 1, 2 or 3 day Teambuilding workshops and/or 3, 6 and 12  month key continual focused learning programs.

Please contact the office for specific information and proposal regarding our horse-assisted team-building activities and equine-guided team-building programs.