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Equine-Guided Corporate Trainings

What is horse-guided education as it relates to corporate training?

Leadership occurs in relationship to someone or something.  It does not exist by itself.  Behind all leadership something is at stake.  At the most basic level, survival is on the line.  On a personal level leadership is about how we choose to lead our own lives. At the organizational level it is about leading others toward top performance connected to unity of vision and purpose.

Equine-Guided Training for Companies

Horses are influential training partners for individuals and for teams as they have no agenda; they simply reflect excellence or our internal incongruence.  In our leadership development with horses, the horse’s nature underscores the importance of authenticity (internal thoughts matching external actions.)  When the horse does not comply with a request, it is almost always a statement about our presence with them, offering reflection moment by moment of how effective (or not) we are being with them.

Do we present a clear and compelling vision? Do we believe what we are asking is attainable?  How is our mood (non-verbal communication skills?) Are we sending mixed messages?   Are we committed to the goal?

Incorporating horses into practice is a unique, nonjudgmental opportunity to examine our leadership style and where we are or are not communicating effectively.

Equine-Guided Education for Leaders

In past centuries leaders were trained with the help of horses.  The word “manage” has its origin in the mid 16th century, meaning to put a horse through the paces, or train a horse.

“To be led” means to follow voluntarily. In its most effective form ensuring the independence and willingness to take risks and move forward.

Effective leaders inevitably find themselves in new situations and uncharted territory. Situations in which they might not have all of the answers, but they have to make decisions and take action anyway.

Partnering with horses for leadership training and development fosters courage, strength, creativity and willingness to take risks, and at the same time encourages our sense of responsibility, reliability, patience, rigor and determination.

The horse cooperates fully with the individual or team when participants demonstrate self -confidence, trustworthiness, clarity, credibility and are goal oriented. Even the slightest shifts in awareness can take us from ineffective to very effective and sustainable leadership strategies.

As one participant stated, “To date I have read a lot about leadership, but today I felt what leadership truly is.”.

Our equine guided learning modules can be custom designed and tailored to fit your specific business challenge and core leadership development requirements.

We have the ability to offer 1, 2 or 3 day “Art of Leadership” and/or Team Building seminar/ workshops, and/or 3, 6 and 12- month continual focused learning programs.

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Amazing experience. What I work on so often with executive clients… being present, showing up with both clear intention and openness to new information, communicating directly, building trust… the horses showed us so fast and so deeply. The debriefs from Alyssa and Gaby were masterful and helped us each see our own leadership in ways that felt both fresh and spot-on. I highly recommend a day like this to leaders and teams ready to connect with themselves and each other with more clarity and appreciation.

– Pam Fox Rollin Executive Coach, Speaker, Facilitator
Author of 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role