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Connected Through A Field Of Energy


I understand that it’s a difficult concept to grasp: The fact that there seems to be separation between things, places, people makes us believe we are singularities in a world where one-upmanship appears to dictate who holds the most power. Horses tell us a completely different story. It’s a story that is millions of years old versus the human story which is just thousands of years old and not a very convincing story at that.

Horses live in the energy field of oneness, as we all do even though most people don’t know it. For us humans, it’s very difficult to believe in something we can’t see, touch, taste or smell. If we can’t wrap our senses around something we think it doesn’t exist. Horses on the other hand sense every movement in the energetic field that connects everything and makes all of life one. They detect the slightest disturbance or incongruity in the field. When something is out of alignment, horses sense it. They sense the danger in this discrepancy. There is always some danger no matter how slight when something in the energetic field is off kilter.

Humans are so out of touch with the energetic field that we must learn about it as if for the very first time. And horses are one of our most powerful teachers since they mirror our inconsistencies back to us immediately. Horses teach humans to tune into their intuition by letting us know through their actions when thoughts and behaviors are not in alignment.

Inspired by a recent event that took place in a far-away land, I will be hosting the next EAHAE conference (International Association of Horse Assisted Education) in October of this year. You can read about the event in my most recent article. entitled Despite The Appearance Of Separation We Are One Herd One Earth.  The conference title is One Herd, One Earth. For more information about the conference or to discuss a custom designed horse-assisted education program for your group, give us a call. At Medicine Horse Ranch we help individuals and teams explore a natural leadership model that has been successful for millions of years.