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Changing Horses

It’s been a year of wide, sweeping changes both here at the ranch, and in the world at large. And as I look toward the territory ahead, I know there is bound to be more.

It must be understood that the call and quest for “what’s next” comes as a seed. And like every seed must go through changes, we all will be challenged with the good, the bad and the ugly. Cultivating a healthy relationship to change (rather than struggling against it), helps open our hearts wider, allowing us to feel our way as new information and experiences point and guide us forward.

The lifelong task of any personal/professional and spiritual growth is the ever evolving of who we are. Evolving also requires a simultaneous “shedding” of that which no longer serves our greatest good and highest expression. And, as you might expect, there is an ongoing tension and natural balance between these states.

Through the lens of self-development, the horse can be seen as the umbilical cord that reconnects and bridges our awareness. Through the horse’s feedback, we remember who we are, peeling away the outer layers of pretense and fear from external training and experience, redirecting us to inner wholeness and essence. Our moments of clear, authentic living are borne when our inwardness comes through and integrates with our outward experiences.

As I see it, this is the goal of all personal growth; to uncover, recover and live from this original and restored center. Horses lead us through change – from the unreal (expectation, regret, ambition, embarrassment, fear, worry) – by quickening our return to the full integrity of being.