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Horse Sense™  (public program)
(A 1 – Day Introduction to Equine Guided Education)
Saturday, 11AM – 2:30PM
Feb 11, Mar 18, Apr 15, Aug 12, Nov 11

See the Horse Sense PDF

“In Hand” with Mike Bridges
Personal and professional horsemanship with focus on building respectful relationship from the ground. Designed and taught at introduction, intermediate and advanced levels. Limited to 12 students. Bring your own horse, or lease one of ours!  Satisfies horsemanship study requirements for CEIP-ED or CEIP-MH testing.

  • April 4-6
  • August 8-10
  • September 12-14

See the “In Hand” PDF

Train the Trainer
Facilitated by Alyssa Aubrey, HorseDream®USA
Horse Assisted Education concepts especially designed for business leaders, teams and organizations.  Workshop begins 9 am – 5 pm each day.

  • Sept 15 & 16
Medicine Horse Ranch Field Study Programs (through the Adventure in Awareness™ Curriculum)
Study modules are designed for personal enrichment and/or professional development. (Students seeking equine interaction certification with the CBEIP may count each module as relevant course study towards satisfying field study/ test requirements.)
Choose one or attend all four:

  • Feb 24-26 Introduction to Adventures in Awareness™ (best practices/core principles)
  • May 5-7 The Equine Guide to the 4-Agreements
  • July 28-30 The Equine Perspective
  • Aug 18-20 Discover Heart Portals
  • Oct 13-15 The Realms of Leadership with Heart

See the 4-Agreements PDF
See the Introduction to Adventures PDF
See the Horse Heart Portals PDF
See the Realms of Leadership PDF

HorseDream® Partner License Workshop 

2017 Leadership training and development seminars:  (custom designed for your clients, teams and organization  

  • “The Art of Leadership”
  • “Picadero Communication” (One-to-One coaching)
  • “Equine Brain Storming” (Integral Horse Mapping)
  • “Change Management” (Personal and organizational change)

The Equine Guide to the 4-Agreements Monthly Circle Group –  175.00 per class    

Based on Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The Four Agreements,” this group is designed to create an embodied experience, taking these basic principles for living from a mental concept into day to day practice.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, grow, laugh and celebrate with open minded learners looking to foster community and relationship. All classes meet from 11:00- 2:30 pm. Circle group dates:

  • March 25
  • April 22
  • May 20
  • June 24
  • August 26

See the The Equine Guide to the 4-Agreements Circle Group PDF