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As Our Thoughts Turn To The Thanksgiving Season

The air is taking on an enlivening chill. Winter is definitely coming. As the temperatures drop, my thoughts slowly begin to turn to snuggly sweaters, boots and earthy dishes like soups and root vegetables. And, of course, across the U.S. we begin to think about our seasonal celebrations with family and loved ones.

This is a time of going inward. A time where we tend to reflect on the many things in life for which we are grateful. This time of year also gives rise to that sixth sense of intuition which fuels creativity. Our inner senses seem to stir in a new way as Mother Nature recedes into her period of dormancy.

Intuitive Thoughts 

Lately I’ve been thinking more than usual about intuition. For some people they may refer to an intuitive leap as a “lucky guess”, a “hunch” or even the “Voice of God.” No matter what you call it, I firmly believe that our intuition is the heartline to Spirit. I’m also firmly convinced that if and when we listen to our intuition, it will always take us where we belong.

Sometimes it is hard to decipher whether it is our intuition trying to get our attention or if it is merely our endlessly chattering mind. Decoding between the two can be challenging especially in a world that seems determined to shut off/numb out our feelings. It is a daily challenge to stay in touch with our inner selves, our true feelings and our intuition.

Intuition Is Transformational Knowing

Not only is the intuitive voice essential to hear our hearts, we must also feel so that we may truly know.  “Feeling our lives” is the necessary step towards transforming our lives.  Many of us have heard the phrase, “follow your heart.” I sense/feel after many years what this actually means is, follow your intuition.  Perceived as a feeling and a knowing, we are filled with a sense of clarity about where we are going.  And, while quite often our intuition may direct us to do things we think we don’t really want to do, intuition undoubtedly guides us on the straightest and most direct path.

As I listen for and to, and ultimately follow my intuition, I am aware that I always end up doing what is right, not only for me but for the greatest good of those whose lives are touched by the action borne of my intuitive decision. Intuition is always heart-centered which means that it is for the good of all, never just for the good of one’s self.

This is an important understanding for those who may have been raised and conditioned to consider the idea of pleasing one’s self as foreign and selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth. Intuitively I believe that most of us know that Spirit wants the best for all of us and that when we consider how our actions and decisions are going to impact on those around us, Spirit guides us to the most beneficial actions and outcomes.

I am so grateful for this change of season and time when we all slow down just a little to acknowledge the many people, pets, events and things in our lives that give us joy and without which we would feel incomplete. May you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with love, peace and joy.