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HorseDream® is the premiere model for incorporating horses into leadership seminars, team training, coaching clients and change management.

The HorseDream® licensed training programs require pre-requisite horsemanship skill and knowledge of horse behavior, as well as a good working knowledge of the target market.

Our commitment is cooperation, not competition. Gerhard and Karin Krebs founders of the EAHAE (International Association for Horse Assisted Education) have created a worldwide community of Horse Assisted Educators who work together and support each other.

Our unique approach in using horse-guided leadership development and horse-guided team building has sparked the interest of companies, leaders, trainers and coaches for almost 20 years in Europe and has now expanded to the United States.  Today there are over 150 licensed HorseDream® partners worldwide.

If you want to become a leader in the field of horse assisted education and make a contribution and a difference in the world, please contact us for a confidential interview.

We look forward to welcoming you the HorseDream® community!<

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