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A Love For Horses And A Corporate Background Could Make A Perfect Encore Career

As the baby boomer generation continues to approach retirement age, the idea of ‘retiring’ is not as intriguing as it might have been for previous generations. The boomer generation is healthier than ever, and it is well established that 60 is the new 40!


Exploring New Career Opportunities 

Many in the over 50 population are looking at exploring new career opportunities. There’s even a name for this developing phenomenon: Encore Careers. According to forbes.com, “More than 4.5 million people between 50 and 70 are already working along such a path. And, another 21 million plan to join them.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/nextavenue/2014/12/16/3-great-opportunities-for-encore-careers/#75c97652557d


Combine Love Of Horses + Corporate Background

In the past few years, many participants in our corporate training workshops at Medicine Horse Ranch have approached me to explore the idea of becoming a licensed USA HorseDream® Partner as an encore career. As a second career, this is an exceptional option for anyone with a corporate or business background and a love of horses. One of the most compelling reasons is that more often than not those in this 55+ group are looking for careers that are as much about doing good as they are about making a living.


A New Dream A New Vision

Working with horses and people is incredibly satisfying for the facilitators and extraordinarily enlightening and useful for the participants. Working with horses fosters courage, strength, creativity and willingness to take risks, but at the same time also fosters a sense of responsibility, reliability, patience and determination. The good this brings into the corporate arena is invaluable, not to mention how the training crosses over into the personal lives of those who participate as well.  Our society is in much need of a new dream, a new vision.


Horse Assisted Education

Today’s business leaders often forget what it means to lead. In its most basic form, to be a leader means that there are those who follow voluntarily. In its most pronounced form it should ensure the independence and willingness to take risks in moving forward in the direction the leader desires.

HorseDream® brings this much-needed shift in perspective to modern business life. In a horse, reality and vision are uniquely connected. Learning with a horse requires one hundred percent concentration, presence and awareness.  The HorseDream® concept unites reality and vision


What Will You Do For An Encore

If you are considering an encore career and would like to discuss the possibility of becoming a licensed USA HorseDream® Facilitator, please call. If you have participated in one of our workshops, you will have a fairly comprehensive idea of how we work. If you’ve not experienced a training but have experience with horses and a business or corporate background, you may be a perfect fit.